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Writing User Defined Functions For Pig

· Posted in Programming
If you are processing a bunch of data, grouping it, joining it, filtering it, then you should probably be using pig. So go download that, and get it all setup. You need: Java 1.6 (with JAVA_HOME setup) Hadoop (with HADOOP_HOME setup) pig (of course) Put all the relevant stuff in your PATH too. pig 101 So here's a simple pig script. This registers a jar file and defines a custom UDF(User Defined Function) for doing whatever. It happens to be a lo…

Finally, MapReduce For Profit!

· Posted in Programming
This post is part 2 in the Super MongoDB MapReduce Max Out! series. Read Part 1 Now, from the last post, you might still be wondering what's the whole point behind this MapReduce stuff? What can you really do with it? Well hold on, I'm going to tell you. But first, some back story. History lesson So I work at CodeBaby and we sell CodeBaby Characters and CodeBaby Conversations to live on your website and bring some emotion to a static page. In or…

Super MongoDB MapReduce Max Out!

· Posted in Programming
I've been playing with MongoDB lately, and I must say, it's the shit. In case you haven't heard of MongoDB, let's drop some buzz words: Document oriented Dynamic queries Index support Replication support Query profiling MapReduce Auto sharding There are some more things, so check out their website for the full meal deal. I'm going to talk about the MapReduce part of things. MapReduce The idea behind MapReduce has been around for a while; since t…

Where My Programming Power Comes From

· Posted in Meta
Many people ask me a variety of questions. Some are about programming, some about mountain bikes, some about reptiles. Some are about something that's bigger than me or any single source file or database dump. It's about a matter that should be at the highest importance to every software developer: My hair.1 Yes, my hair. I'm not even going to not brag, I have some pretty awesome hair. If you then factor in the beard…well…I just can't be stopped…

Code Bubbles

· Posted in Software
This is seriously cool, and makes me want to write Java code. I'd at least like to try it out. Read up on it at

Make Your Own Badge With jQuery And Jaml

· Posted in Programming
jQuery is pretty much the gold standard for Javascript goodness, at least in my opinion. I use it for everything, and you should too. Jaml has only been around since October but it's already pretty damn awesome. Combining these two powers like peanut butter and jelly results in awesome. Jaml Jaml is a templating engine for Javascript based loosely on Haml. It lets you write code like this: So you can call this: Jaml.render('simple'); To output t…