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Hijack AJAX Requests Like A Terrorist

· Posted in Programming
AJAX requests are a grand thing. They let you request things from your server without refreshing the page. Now, if you are trying to proxy a page, you can rewrite all the links in the page to point back through your proxy, but AJAX requests are another thing. Oh wait no they're not! You can't rewrite them when you proxy the page (by proxy, I mean you request my page with a URL param to another page, and I pull in that page, do some stuff, and se…

Simple jQuery Timeout

· Posted in Programming
I needed jQuery to fadeout an item after a certain timeout, and I found it odd that I couldn't find a native jQuery way to do it. Whatever. jQuery is so awesome that it doesn't matter, because here's what I came up with. EDIT 28-Nov-2009 In retrospect, all I wanted was a jQuery like syntax, but leveraging jQuery to do the timeout is sort of wrong. After all, Javascript does have a setTimeout function. I must have been in a jQuery must do all of …

Wordpress Multipart Posts, Inlined With jQuery: Part 2

· Posted in Programming
(See (remote-inline)Part 1) And we're back! So, just take a look up below the title…see that little link? Yeah go ahead and click that. If I did my job right (tested in Safari on Windows, Chrome, FF), the contents for Part 1 should slide in above this post. In this post, since I use the Textile 2 plugin, I add this snippet at the top: (See [(remote-inline)Part 1](/2009/07/08/wordpress-multipart-posts-inlined-with-jquery-part-1)) In textile land,…

Wordpress Multipart Posts, Inlined With jQuery: Part 1

· Posted in Programming
This is the first of a multipart post. I'll be the first to admit, after you read this, and part 2, ignoring the context and concentrating on the actually content, you'd wonder why, but it makes sense when it's all together. So I've seen many multipart posts out there, do this today, tomorrow do this, and every time, in order to view them all together, you, um, can't. You have to have multiple tabs open and read one, then read the next, flipping…