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Applying Service Oriented Design To Yourself: Information Stream Management

· Posted in Editorial
Service Oriented Design (also known as Service Oriented Architecture) is a design technique used in software projects, both large and small. It follows the idea that you divide up a program into separate isolated pieces, or services. This sort of separation has a number of advantages. You can test and debug the pieces individually. You can change out pieces for new designs without affecting the rest of the system (provided the new systems use th…

Catch Up On Twitter faster

· Posted in Programming
So you missed Twitter for a day? Have a long list of updates along the lines of "OMG this ice cream is fantastic!" to sort through? Fear no more, for I have the solution. Well. If you're using Chrome. I made a little Chrome extension that filters out tweets that have no actual links in them. Actual links are 'web' links, not links to user profiles or hashtags. Tweets are interesting and all, and if you are keeping up with them, a few about rando…

Tiny Little Fails

· Posted in Editorial
There are lots of tiny little fails out there. Here are some that I’ve found. The Digg iPhone app The Digg app came out for the iPhone to much fanfare but I wasn’t originally a fan. First off, you can only really use the app if you have a regular Digg account. If you have a straight Facebook account like I did, there is no way to login. FAIL. If you’re going to release an app to let your users use your product, don’t alienate some of them becaus…

Drastically Speed Up Web Browsing

· Posted in Software
Uninstall Firefox Install Chrome There is no step 3 I'm seriously getting sick and tired of Firefox. Chrome for Linux can't come any faster. When even with only 5 tabs open, it eats over 600 MB, and frequently fades out to the standard "application not responding" state. It can't even switch tabs without lagging. If I have a video playing in one tab, it frequently hangs when I switch tab, or open a new tab. Pain. Chrome is just better, and once …

Get Chromium Running On Linux (Specifically Ubuntu)

· Posted in Software
So what I have here is nothing fancy. It's basically cut and paste from the Chromium site, but if you don't want to think, just download and run, and have Chromium on your Ubuntu setup. So, on with the script: The comments speak for themselves. Basically, get prerequisites, get tools, get source, build away. This process will take awhile, so once it starts go flirt with your significant other for a bit :) The first thing you see when you start u…